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A website designed just for you with all of your wedding information in one place. Please view my sample website here: prior to ordering so you have an idea of what the 'sections' will include.  The 'sections' refer to the buttons/links at the top of the page. 
Included in this package
• Header image with your names and wedding date that coodinates with your wedding invitations
• Includes six 'sections' (see below for more details)
• Basic semi-custom domain name (see below for more details)
• Custom site icon (icon that shows up on the browser address bar)
• Fun wedding day countdown at the bottom of the website (optional)
• Option to password protect your site
The six sections included are:
• Details (here is where you'll have the courtesy committee, call in information, etc.)
• Wedding Program
• Registry Information
• RSVP information (includes a form that when filled out will be sent to your email)
• Our Story (completely optional!)
• Saturday afternoon info
All sections are optional with the exception of the 'details' section. You may also add custom sections, but please note that these will be an additional cost. 
Domain name
Your basic semi custom domain name will have your names +  For example:  You may also purchase an upgrade to a custom domain name - for example: for an additional charge.  Please note that all domain names may not be available, however, we can find something that will work for you. Some examples of other names would be or Custom domain names are valid for one year from the purchase date. 
Notes to consider
•Think twice about adding friends & family supper info to your website as you may not want to invite everyone to your family supper.