I am happy if my customers can save on shipping, because, let's face it - shipping fees are exorbitant. However, I do get quite a few orders for local pick up and it just doesn't work for me to be arranging rides, delivering orders to a specific location, or bringing to church and arranging delivery there. 
My policy is as outlined below:
• I do not arrange rides for orders, drop off orders or bring orders to church. Local pick up means picking up the order from our house. 
• Please message me prior to pick up, to arrange a date and time. I am not always available, so it is important that I know this in advance. If it's not convenient for me at the time you wish to pick up your order, I can put your order out on the patio table in front of the house for you to pick up at your convenience.
• If you selected 'e transfer' or 'pay in store' as your method of payment, please be aware that I require payment at or before the time of pick up. For e transfer, please send payment to especiallyyoursdesigns@gmail.com. 
Thank you for understanding!