Birth announcement/invitation orders (excluding wedding invitations) include 3 free proofs.
Any additional proofs are $3 CAD each. 
All other personalized items, including baby book covers – receive up to two free proofs (must be requested). 
After that there is a $3 charge per proof.
(This is for items taken off my website 'as is' or with minor changes - see 'More Details' below for more info.)


Birth Announcements/Shower and Anniversary Invitations:
Includes 3 free proofs. Each additional proof is $3. Any graphics or fonts purchased specifically for your custom design is an additional charge, as well. Please keep in mind that these charges are on top of the price per announcement/invitation, which varies depending on the design.
• Orders of 1-49 birth announcements/invitations - $20 CAD
• Orders of 50-99 birth announcements/invitations - $10 CAD
• Orders of 100-149 birth announcements/invitations - $5 CAD 
• Orders of 150+ - free custom design (3 free proofs still apply)
Baby Book Covers (wire bound baby book only - I am not currently taking any custom designs for the binder style book):
$10 CAD - includes 3 proofs. Each additional proof is $3.
Wedding Invitations:
There are no design or proof fees added to wedding invitations, provided there is a minimum order of 250 invitations. If, however, I need to buy any special graphics or fonts for your custom design, this IS an additional fee.
I reserve the right to put my logo on the backs of all announcement & invitations (does not apply to wedding invitations)  Logo can be removed for a $15 fee.
I also reserve the right to add completed designs to my online store. Names will be changed to protect your privacy.  I will try to wait to list the item until you've either received your baby book or until after you've had time to send out the announcements. 
There are other factors involved in how our custom design policy works, and I don't want there to be any surprises, so read on if you'd like more info! I've tried to make it as simple as possible, but if you have any questions, please let me know! 
Any birth announcement/invitation (excluding wedding) design picked from my website just as it is includes 3 free proofs with the order. You may make minor changes to the announcement/invitation, such as a font change (if permitted in the description) or if you realized you made a mistake in the information. If you would like a picture changed, this may also be done in the ‘free category’, depending on the pic, some changes may be more complicated than others, so please ask if you have any questions! Any proof after the 3rd one will be $3 each.
Combining a background + this pic or that + this font layout, etc. will fall into the custom design category. If I need to purchase any images or fonts specifically for your design, this will be an extra charge as well.
**PLEASE NOTE Because of copyright reasons I cannot use just any picture you've found off the internet.  If you want to ask about a specific picture, please also include information about where it was found or make sure it is okay for commercial use.** Thanks for understanding.