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Capture all the details of the most special time in your life with this beautiful wedding book.  
Pages are printed on warm white linen. 
Pages included: 
Wedding memories of... (title page)
Joined In Marriage (page to fill out names, when and where the wedding took place, who officiated, etc.)
All About the Bride & Groom
First Impressions
Our Love Story Hers
Our Love Story His
The Proposal
How We Shared The News
Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Invite
Bridal Shower Guests
Bridal Shower Gifts (2 )
Making Plans For The Big Day
Family Supper
The Invitation
Our Wedding Program
The Wedding Party
Wedding Attire
Our Wedding Day
Reception following ceremony
Wedding Guests (4 pages back & front)
Wedding Gifts (4 pages back & front)
Our Reception
Reception Guests (3 pages back & front)
Reception Gifts (3 pages back & front)
Our Honeymoon
Our 1st Home
Our 1st Shopping Trip
Our First Year
Our First Anniversary